Senator McCain, we are tired of your “campaign right, govern left” strategy.

This site is dedicated to helping unseat Senator John McCain from Arizona.

McCain is not a reliable conservative.

He trumpets his opposition to earmarks as supposed proof that he is a genuine conservative. But in so doing, he strains at the proverbial gnat while swallowing a camel.

He was for the TARP bailout costing $700 billion.

He co-sponsored onerous cap-and-trade legislation in the Senate that would cost in the same ballpark and could help cripple the energy sector of our economy.

He has opposed tax cuts. He echoed a favorite liberal mantra by calling the Bush tax cuts “tax cuts for the rich,” and then opposed his own party by voting against them.

But he expects us to forget all that and give him a conservative smiley-face for fighting hundreds of millions in earmarks. Nice try, Senator. We’ll give you the one smiley-face for your fight against earmarks. But to keep things in perspective, that comes to hundreds of frowny-faces for all the other budget damage you inflict.

Not to mention your work for amnesty for illegal aliens, your undermining of the appointment of federal judges who will uphold the Constitution, and your attempt to muzzle free speech in the name of campaign finance reform.

In 2010, we plugged the candidacy of JD Hayworth. In several ways, JD was a flawed candidate up against a powerful machine, and it was a losing battle. Hopefully in 2016 we can finally succeed in replacing McCain with a conservative.

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