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Club for Growth rankings

I’m a member of the Club for Growth – an organization set up to promote candidates for Congress who are economic conservatives, who believe in free enterprise and limited government. It was interesting to see that Senator McCain got a 100% ranking … Continue reading

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Tea Party endorsement

At our Mountain View Tea Party meeting tonight, we had a vote on who we wanted for U.S. Senator from Arizona. Out of the approximately 25 people there, it was unanimous for Hayworth. Go JD!

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Fox poll on cutting off the power to LA

The sentiment on illegal immigration is running high. I think this is a source of a lot of the frustration with McCain – we know he will back Obama’s “comprehensive immigration reform” in the next Congress. Anyway, Fox News took … Continue reading

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New Hayworth TV ad

I just saw the new JD Hayworth TV ad on YouTube. It looks great, and it does a service by reminding people what Senator McCain is like when he’s not running for re-election. Here it is:

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