The old McCain is back

Well, it’s all over the news about McCain’s meeting with Obama on Wednesday. The blog, Seeing Red AZ writes: “MSNBC reported it as Obama, McCain end long-running feud; 2008 rivals discussed areas where Democrats, GOP can find common ground.

That concept would be considered a stretch to the many Arizona conservatives who have little reason to believe there was ever much of an impasse between the two men…”

In one of the earlier posts in this blog, I posed the question about McCain, “If he happens to survive this primary challenge, do you suppose that McCain will go back to his old position after the primary, or will he wait until after the general election?” I said that I thought he would wait until after the general election, because you have to be subtle about these flip flops. So now we know – it’s a three-month wait before you should start tacking back to the Left, after you’ve posed as a conservative.

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