McCain Endorses Obama.. oh wait.. Romney

I found it interesting to read the brief email exchange between Jon Huntsman and John McCain that ensued after McCain’s endorsement of Mitt Romney three days before the New Hampshire primary. Even more entertaining was the fact that John McCain accidentally endorsed “President Obama” before Mitt Romney reminded him that he was endorsing him. When you’re a “maverick” like John McCain and are always “reaching across the aisle,” it can be a challenge remembering who you’re supporting at any given moment.

Here is the video:

In 2008, Jon Huntsman made the decision to support John McCain for president. That decision carried the risk of making him unpopular with his fellow Utahns. But he took that risk and supported McCain nonetheless. To say that Jon was upset by McCain’s decision to support Romney instead of himself is an understatement. According to the e-book “Inside The Circus,” Huntsman said that McCain’s decision was “a bitter disappointment” and that he emailed John McCain to let him know how he felt.

Huntsman said,

I wrote John a note [by email] after that and I said, ‘You know, for a guy who paid a huge price in my state to support you, the least you could have done—I don’t care if you support Romney, that’s great—but just to have given me the dignity of waiting until after the New Hampshire primary.

According to Huntsman, McCain’s response was a brief, “I didn’t mean to offend. I hope your family is well.”

Well, at least John McCain is being consistent in his character. That is, after all, the kind of response we’d expect him to give.

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