Backlash to the Backlash on Arizona’s Immigration Enforcement

It’s almost amusing to see pundits and merchants of the race industry caterwauling about the gall of Arizona to actually get serious about illegal immigration. They are such agile mental gymnasts. They can liken the asking to see the driver’s license of persons acting in a suspicious manner to Nazi Germany, but have no problem whatsoever backing a law that will require every last one of us to provide the federal government with sensitive health information. Almost amusing – because it is actually dangerous that these people have so much influence. And then these paragons of tolerance and love are calling for boycotts and civil disobedience. I can see, in my mind’s eye, one of these very tolerant people beating a senior citizen over the head with a sign that says “Stop the Hate.” Yes – funny and tragic at the same time.

But what I really liked was reading the comments in news websites reporting on these calls for boycotts. The majority of those commenting somehow aren’t getting the message the pundits are trying to convey. Yes, there is a backlash against Arizona’s new law, but it appears, from the comments, that the backlash against their backlash is bigger than the original backlash!

Here is one comment on the USA Today article about the boycotts: “After this law passes I am changing my vacation plans and I am going to the great state of Arizona. I refuse to go to California to get robbed by illegals.”

Arizonans – stiffen your spine. The reasonable people of this nation will stand up for you. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see other states following our lead.

And Senator McCain, those of us who have watched you closely over the years know your behavior patterns all too well. While you are standing with Arizona for now, if you were to return to the Senate after this coming election and feel safe once more, the pull of your desire for that affection that crosses the aisle would be too great for you to resist, and you would be casting your lot with those who want to undermine our efforts to enforce this law. We’ve seen that sort of thing happen too many times already.

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