DISCLOSE Act passes the House

Just got word that the DISCLOSE Act passed the house, 219 to 206. This is the most blatant attack on political dissent in a long time. They carved out an exception for the National Rifle Association and Unions, and are clearly trying to target the Tea Party activists, making it difficult for them to criticize the government.

This is the sort of thing that McCain would be strongly for – muzzling our free speech in the name of “taking the money out of politics.”

Little by little, the Statists pick away at our free speech, our property rights, and other liberties, all in the name of fighting for the “little guy” against the “big guy.” In the process, they create the biggest big guy of all, an all powerful big government. And the media pacify us telling us it’s silly to fear government – we need to fear corporations.

Wake up, people. Can’t you see where this leads?

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