McCain’s Negative Ads

Something about McCain’s ads attacking Hayworth seems to cross the line. I don’t know if others sense that. One phrase that really bugs me is where he says, “We voted him out of office.” Senator, wasn’t Hayworth a fellow Republican? Are you telling us that you weren’t supporting him at the time; that you were for Democrat Harry Mitchell? I detest sanctimoniousness, and this just reeks of that. And it bothers me that McCain seems to reserve his greatest indignation for fellow Republicans. Oh McCain, McCain, if you had only had the same killer instincts when campaigning against Obama, who actually is a threat to our liberties and our prosperity.

I am bothered by McCain’s recent attacks over Hayworth’s doing a paid ad for the National Grants Conferences, which he later discovered was a sleazy outfit. McCain knows that he has plenty of dirty laundry himself, including his extremely questionable association with the Keating Five. I have read a lot about the Keating Five, and believe that McCain was not knowingly corrupt, but I think Hayworth’s indiscretion isĀ  much easier to defend. McCain seems to know that Hayworth doesn’t have the war chest that he has, and so it will be hard for Hayworth to effectively counter-attack.

Click here to read JD Hayworth’s response, from the Tucson Citizen.

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