Oops – Gov. Richardson Spills the Beans!

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico is waiting until after the election, hoping that John McCain will help open the borders and help pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Richardson recognizes that McCain has to adopt a tough anti-illegal immigration stance right now because of his primary election challenge.

Gov. Richardson was interviewed last Wednesday by Ed Schultz on MSNBC. Ed was dumping on McCain for a statement McCain made on an interview with Tucson radio station KQTH. McCain, speaking of illegal immigrants, said, “No amnesty. Many of them need to be sent back.” Schultz was disgusted with McCain, calling him “the biggest political opportunist in the country,” and asked Richardson about this.

But Richardson was understanding and forgiving. Here’s how he answered:

“My view is that he is in a tough re-election, in a primary against J.D. Hayworth, and this is such a hot issue in Arizona. My hope, Ed, is after he gets re-elected that he will come back to his old position, which was as you said the Kennedy-McCain bill which has increased border enforcement but also has a path to legalization, a guest-worker program, cracking down on illegal hires, but most importantly a path to legalization.”

If you’d like to see the video of the exchange, it is posted on Newsbusters.

I think Ed Schultz screwed up this one. Ed, all you liberals are supposed to look the other way. McCain is just campaigning. Just bide your time. We all know what McCain will do once he’s dispensed with JD. Wink, wink.

Question: If he happens to survive this primary challenge, do you suppose that McCain will go back to his old position after the primary, or will he wait until after the general election? My view is that, should he fend off JD, that he will wait until after the general election. You have to be subtle about these things. After all, “character matters” – or is it “the appearance of character matters”?

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