What Would a Maverick Do?

For your information, I draw your attention to this recent article, posted on the Arizona Tea Party website, on Senator McCain, originally from New York Magazine.

I was intrigued by one of the comments from a Tea-Partier, that this article “convinces me more than ever, that McCain’s campaign ‘hired’ Jim Deakin to run for senate.”

I would hope that all those who truly want to retire McCain realize that the only way they’re going to accomplish that is by nominating JD Hayworth. Deakin is a throw-away vote.

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One Response to What Would a Maverick Do?

  1. Roy Regalado says:

    I’ll let Mr. Deakin do the talking:

    “I think all candidates should stand up for themselves and work hard towards being elected rather than rely on someone else, or placing blame if you don’t succeed. Let’s let the democratic process work” stated Jim Deakin.

    Whether facing adversity or in light of such an annoying and distorted letter, Deakin vows never to throw support towards a candidate, or in this case two candidates who are so very different from his principles and beliefs.

    “I would not consider withdrawing, much less suggest to anyone to support Hayworth’s campaign” Deakin stated. “In fact, given that the past political actions of Hayworth, as well as those of the incumbent are not acceptable to me, they shouldn’t be acceptable to voters either – therefore I would never encourage my supporters to vote for either one of them”.

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