McCain Opens 20 Point Lead

Mark Levin reported that John McCain has opened a 20-point lead over JD Hayworth. I’m not surprised, after he has deluged the airwaves with his ads. McCain has spent $16 million on this primary election, attacking Hayworth’s character, distorting his record, and distorting his own record. This is a little over ten times what Hayworth has spent. McCain has taken money left over from his presidential campaign. I guess that’s legal, but it’s ironic, from the man who portrayed himself as a crusader to take the money out of politics.

I know from meeting with Tea Party people, that the Tea Party remains adamant about supporting Hayworth. That’s where Hayworth’s support comes from – from people who have paid close attention to politics over a period of time and thus they don’t believe that McCain is a fiscal conservative or against illegal immigration.

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One Response to McCain Opens 20 Point Lead

  1. Isabelle says:

    How do you support your tea party claim about them supporting JD?
    – Isabelle

    Answer –
    Because I was there and witnessed the Tea Party vote. My Mountain View Tea Party went 100% for Hayworth and 0% for McCain.

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